Can All These Lessons Fit In Your Brain?

Long story short, yes!

For people who haven't been in med school yet, they might find it difficult to understand how this works and why. Well, to sum it up, it's really about taking it to heart.

I have found first-year lessons bearable to some extent. I studied but that allocation of my brain is freed up once I don't need the information anymore, so I could stuff on a whole different topic. Yeah, analogous to a computer's RAM.

But what I should've done is to take it by heart. At least, when I started the second year. I did the same thing I did in the first year and it wouldn't work anymore. The information was much heavier and just not that interesting anymore.

By taking it to heart, I should have tried to make it seem interesting to me so I can follow on through. And when I take something to heart, it means I could not have easily forgotten things. See, when I was cramming to study my classmates were not so much bothered anymore because, for the most part, they'd remember it. Though I shit you not, we all still have to do some reviewing of course. We have to consolidate all that knowledge and make sure we didn't leave out anything.

Some might even have studied using their spare time just to keep remembering what they have been learning.

To answer the question I've asked myself, can all these lessons fit in your brain?

To me, yes I probably can. Why I didn't do it? Because there were a lot of distractions on my plate. I was high on the idea of having fun and I couldn't get myself together. And that's where my heart was at, at that moment.

To remember everything I have learned, would mean to index those lessons in my brain as if though cataloging in a way that I would have fun doing it. So if what you're doing in med school isn't fun for you, then I'm not going to tell you to find something else better to do with your time, but find a way to make it seem fun because you already paid that hefty tuition.

Fun is very hard to define for different kinds of personalities that my readers would be having. But fun is not when you're always brooding. Fun is not possible when you always find something to complain about or someone to blame. Fun is not there when you are in a constant battle with yourself and/or others.


  1. Alam mo, mahirap talaga aralin yung medicine lalo na yung 1st year subjects. I originally came from SWU-Phinma then i transferred to MHAM. What i learned when i was still in swu is "for now, study to pass". Yan yung tinuro ng anatomy teacher namin. Sa dami ba naman ng aaral hindi mo basta2x maintindihan yan lalo na sa trad type of teaching. Mamaya mo na intindihin. Mag aral ka muna para pumasa.


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