One Trait That Will Guarantee Your Success

I have known this for a while. It's not because I've seen this picture that I come to believe in something like this. Although placing it in front of my viewers' eyes, I can better represent what this is all about. 

Many of us are often complaining about how hard med school is, and it makes us think irrational. We have this opportunity that others can't afford, yet we wish we could be something else. Or at least, just me. I have hated to be in this position for so long that I'm blinded what actually matters. 
To be a doctor, whether it is to help others or just within your friends and family, is already a huge step to earning respect in the community, especially your family if they don't already. That could be one way to put it. Also, the knowledge and that license is a ticket to so many possibilities that I may not yet be able to imagine as of now.

What we or I lack is gratefulness. We often don't see things for how good they are. I will admit that I also live a pretty good darn life. I can eat anywhere I want every single day and have the tranquility every after school. That's more than what most people can get by. And I should be thankful for all that I have. If you want to succeed, then you should be too. 

Being thankful is a way to condition yourself to be at peace, and I guess that adds a lot to your focus. It's also a way to attract or let the good energy keep flowing as you invite it into your life. To have a good insight into things is definitely a gift that enables you to appreciate what you do more.