The Good And The Bad In My School


In most of my entries, I have mentioned about my social life in med school. It's probably the most interesting part of being in med school. Being surrounded with brilliant buddies. Yes, there are party people. I'd see pictures of them, partying, in my news feed. They still manage to cope up with everything. What's the good in that? (You might ask) I guess because we still have some time for other things. 

It's not too strict. There are some loopholes like it's okay to submit late sometimes. Although that rarely happens, because we're all professionals.

Sometimes, our teachers are busy for other things, then we get to have time to study for other things. Although, there's a high chance that this could lead to an arranged make up class.

We can pay our fees via debit card - savings account, as well as credit card. Aside from that, pay at the bank, which is tedious and only if you have time, which I'm doubtful of.

I have study buddies. They're not my closest ones, but I love the way they teach. They're interesting people because they really put in the effort and they don't look like geeks. I spend a lot of time with them a couple of hours until the exam starts. They share a handful of significant information in that little amount of time. Katrina, Jaiko, Fil, and Pauline. Sometimes, I don't read at night anymore because just being with them, gives me confidence. But of course, I've read a few things beforehand.

Our Biochemistry teacher gives us a list of topics to study about. It's also the ones that usually come out as well. It's a great bonus that I can hardly encounter in other subjects. The same teacher helped me out in my case report as I was stuttering and out of flow. He decided to bump in and asked me questions instead. I was able to answer those and that was good for me. Less embarrassment.

In Parasitology, everything we have to know is in our handouts and, of course, microscopic slides. If I knew buying a book was not necessary at all, I would have not bought the book.

Perhaps, many of the students that you're going to meet are somewhat mature. Mostly higher years. They are very nice to be around with, but you wont have time to do that much anyway. First years, like me, are yet to be sieved or molded in a way.

Many of the teachers seem reasonable actually. It's all pretty doable, unless you like to find distractions, just as I'm doing right now, writing this.


It's traditional. We could have spent all these time studying instead of listening to lectures that are so confusing, and many times, boring.

Histology is by far the worst department of my school. The lectures are very fast and are the longest. During exams, there's hardly any guide where to read or what to study. Although, it's usually just the BRS. One time, I was told by many of my classmates to study the book of DiFiore, and I used that book again to study for the next exam, which was a wrong move. Although, I did well to cram on the BRS.

Lehninger book for Biochemistry is a nice thick book, but since we're at a fast pace, we're jumping a lot of pages and it's becoming more confusing as the lesson progresses. The teacher doesn't allow us to take pictures of the powerpoint slides. Other subjects' handouts are readily available at the photocopier outside. I wish there are handouts for our current lessons. Reading this thick book is so tedious, especially because we jump a lot of pages, unlike most subjects.

Parasitology faculty is composed of wrecked personalities. You'll hear them doctors blaming ANYONE without any deep understanding of what's happening. Nope. Education doesn't necessarily define professionality. Now, we know. They're also fond of frightening students by explicitly prophesying the total number of student they plan to fail this semester. 80, that is. Same thing for our PCM lecturer.

We go to school early, and we leave really late sometimes.

Our comfort rooms are uncomfortable, except for maybe one.


  1. hahaha saan yang maybe one na comfort room? got to read your recent blog just now..busy busy din eh.agree ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo!😂😂😂

    1. Hi Gaye! Hahaha yung malapit sa AVR6. Yun lang mejo malinis linis hahaha. Siguro din dahil experimented students pa tayo kaya nangyayari mga to lol


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