Good Vibes, Good Recollection

What keeps me sane in med school?

Well, basically, it's all about maintaining a good relationship with people. I have been roaming around the class before exams and popping myself in groups of people who are studying. I review with them at the same time.

The most precious thing in med school is being with people who do more than dream more. There are still those who dream too much, instead of working hard. It's really about working hard. It's just a matter of how. I get this cerebral high sometimes when I interact with people who are serious in what they do. Sometimes, it distracts me, then I wouldn't be able to help myself talking random things.

The best thing about med school is being surrounded by not-too-serious-people, but only those who have an affinity to learn as well. That's probably the category I belong to. I'm not this goody two shoes that most of my classmates see me as. These people are the ones I look forward to meeting in school every day. We share our anxieties to each other but still make an effort to try. It's inevitable to feel hopeless in med school just because of that one quiz that we fail. The next day, it's all about grinding, for everyone.

My classmate, Rio, told me she learns things by associating terms with funny things. Then. I recalled that it's what memory athletes do when they try to memorize a deck of 52 cards in order. It's a gold standard principle that we need to learn in med school because it's never about intelligence, but hard work, as well as fun in general. Putting that in context, shown in the conversation I participated in the picture above, made me realize that it puts some kind of fast retention mechanism in my memory drive.


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