Enrolling Part 2

I went to ate Rosalie again, today. There were some discrepancies on the books. Some books were not on the list. So, she added the missing books, and now I have to pay more. I paid a down payment of 7k for today. The other books are to be followed on Monday.

I signed beside the books that I now carry with me.

Ma'am K was not around today, so another lady received my Certificate of Eligibility and the receipt of my payment slip. She then gave me an enrollment form, told me I belong to section A, and gave me a few instructions; copy subjects from the bulletin board, go to the student council and then to the accounting office. I didn't gather that very well, so I had to ask again from enrollees outside the accounting office. I was confused with the messy bulletin board those students pointed me to. It wasn't as organized as I though.

I asked for direction from some students; They said, go straight, then the 2nd door to the left. A student from the student council accommodated me, showed me sizes of the t-shirt to use on Wednesdays, and paid 3k (includes the shirt) for the college fund. Then, he stamped my enrollment form.

After that, I went back to the accounting office and no one was there. A woman from the dean's office came out to tell me that the person in charge is not here at the moment and that I come back tomorrow.


Last time, when I was submitting my requirements, Dymphna accompanied me. Dymphna met a mother of an incoming freshmen. That mother was seated right next to Dymphna. She asked us questions. Mainly, about where she could find a place for her son to stay. I didn't see her son though because he was still inside the dean's office. We weren't able to answer her question, because I, myself, haven't started looking for a place that time. After that experience, Dymphna has been joking about looking for Mrs. F so I can share the rent with her son.

Funny thing about today is that I saw Mrs. F in KFC. I watched around to look for her son. After ordering food, I found myself a table and saw Mrs. F's son or at least guessed it was her son. I watched Mrs. F walk, taking with her their food on the table he occupied. Aaa, I was right! The kid is as skinny as I am haha. I was shy to approach Mrs. F or even smile at her because she might not even remember me anymore. She only made a conversation with Dymphna, the last time.

Around 1 pm, I went to MHAM to process the things I've mentioned above. I saw Mrs. F and her son. She smiled at me and told me that that was her son she was talking about. Ohhhhhh. She does remember me. hahaha. It was awkward because I didn't know how to initiate a small talk with them. Considering they speak in Ilonggo, which I understand but can't speak.

UPDATE: June 16

Back at school today. I was sitting on a line of chairs adjacent to the accounting office, thinking it was a queue line. The woman in the accounting office looked at me for a few seconds, and I thought I was next. When I stood up, she looked away, and so I sat back, thinking she doesn't have the courtesy to acknowledge me at least or to tell me I have to line up standing. There were people lining up (standing) after the person before me, and I was baffled. What's the use of the chairs there? (Pet peeve moment)

My turn. I just gave my enrollment form to the intimidating woman in the accounting office. She just took it and went to do something with her computer, then stamped them and gave it to me. No further instructions were given.

I went back to the registrar, and thank goodness. Ma'am K is present. The only accommodating person I know that can save the day. I asked her what's the next step. She asked for my enrollment form and the duplicate payment slip of my downpayment. She said I can get my study load on the first day of class.

I asked if that's July 17. She nodded. I was concerned whether there's any more processing that I should be doing. In my mind, I was apprehensive at the thought of leaving without any further instructions; have an ID made, a confirmation document specifying that I am enrolled, psychological exam, where to get a student handbook, tailor a white uniform. None of those. 😐

I'll just have to come back to her on July 17. For now, I'm just waiting for my other books to be released on Monday by ate Rosalie.

UPDATE: June 22

I forgot to back to ate Rosalie a few days ago. I texted her to ask if they're open, and they were. However, my books were still not available then. I was told that my books will be available today. I went there and got just two books. I was asked to come back on Monday, which is fine, because I've got nothing to do anyway and I'm not in a rush.


  1. Atleast your first day of school will not that be so scary since you already know someone :)

    1. I think he's shy like me but I hope I could get along with everybody in my class.

  2. Replies
    1. kaya yan bossing. habang may buhay, may pag asa


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