Our Sweet Escape

Our acquaintance party was held at IC3 convention center and it is themed the, Sweet Escape. It was after the MHAMurals event. Most of us must've slept long hours before the acquaintance party started. The registration for the event started at 4 pm, yet my friends picked me up a few more minutes later that time. I drove Patricia's car on our way to the venue. Well, she asked me to. Val and I were having a jest about how her doctor's appointment in the game, SIMS, went after ditching us at the MHAMurals, held in Sacred Heart. She was yapping about how she lost the house she built in SIMS when her PC restarted all by itself.

I was anxious the whole time about how late we were while we were still in the car. Nearing the venue, I was then telling them how early we are. hahaha. At the venue, we were one of the earliest who came. Although, there were already a handful who came. Our classmates greeted us a bit awkwardly. I didn't expect them to be assigned as ushers on those…

Good Vibes, Good Recollection

What keeps me sane in med school?

Well, basically, it's all about maintaining a good relationship with people. I have been roaming around the class before exams and popping myself in groups of people who are studying. I review with them at the same time.

The most precious thing in med school is being with people who do more than dream more. There are still those who dream too much, instead of working hard. It's really about working hard. It's just a matter of how. I get this cerebral high sometimes when I interact with people who are serious in what they do. Sometimes, it distracts me, then I wouldn't be able to help myself talking random things.

The best thing about med school is being surrounded by not-too-serious-people, but only those who have an affinity to learn as well. That's probably the category I belong to. I'm not this goody two shoes that most of my classmates see me as. These people are the ones I look forward to meeting in school every day. We s…

Keeping Up

When week one started, we thought we had an exam that we prepared for (study), after our orientation week. That didn't go as planned, but it was still okay because reading ahead gives us a better overview of what pressure and lessons lay ahead. I guess I could say that we are still at our transition phase. All of us. Who knew? Med techs, themselves, are struggling too. That's the closest degree there is to medicine.

Well, everyone's shocked that I'm a computer science graduate. What shocks them more is that I'm doing alright. I also have a classmate who has a commerce degree. She also did her masters. She seems to be very confused with all that's happening. At times when I'm feeling sleepy, I'd just sit up straight and try not slacking my back against my chair, and force myself to be retentive. It's really something that I am beginning to get accustomed to, in addition to my parents paying big bucks to send me back to school. I have to push my limit…

Social Struggle

I guess it's better to write this thought down while I still can because the pressure of med school is escalating.

It's only been two days, which is not so bad. My classmates are interesting enough and I'd like to know some of them. However, I still don't have the confidence to strike a move. It's awkward every time. Also, knowing that one of my readers is a classmate of mine too, this blog has become something all too embarrassing haha.

One of the things that makes it hard for me to approach a person, is that they already have found their circle. Which means I'm the odd man. Hence, if I jump right into it, most of the attention would go to me, being the new guy. Attention makes me uncomfortable at this point.

The most frequent awkward thing I've been doing since Monday is looking at interesting faces/personalities, but I avert my gaze when they stare back. It has become frequent in the same people that it makes it even harder for me to communicate with the…

Orientation Week

Day 1

Thanks to Yllika, a recent reader of this blog, for telling me what time I should be there. Here's the list of activities given to us for this week's long orientation.

They should've given this when I completed my requirements, but now is fine, regardless.

I could have gone at a later time since it started at 10 am. Boy, I was so bored waiting for something to happen. I wanted to mingle around, but I'm still awkward the way I am. It seems like most people know someone. I heard of things like passing the board exam, nursing rotations and stuff like legit pre-meds would be involved with.

I had this seatmate, an incoming second-year transferee student, who is from Silliman University. We were awkward at first, but when I asked her some questions, she started talking non-stop. It was good though because I earned a friend in the first day. She also adds to the scare speeches of the speakers in front. She said that it's impossible to absorb all materials, how to ob…

Savoy Squad

I compiled some memories of the things I did here in Cebu before it all starts tomorrow. I call it Savoy, because these people's presence is like a gift from heaven that made my days a lot less depressing while I go through some personal gloom.

Regarding the orientation tomorrow, I honestly don't know what time the orientation starts haha.

Psychological Exam

When I received this text, I immediately shared it to a fellow member, who kept asking me if there's a psychological exam, which I thought is not necessary. But seriously, Php 1,500 for a 45 minutes exam. No free pencils or snacks.

I paid the amount in the bank yesterday and took the exam today. I had the chance to ride the bike that I'll be using to go to school for the first time. And it's foldable :D

I took this picture when I was paying for it in a store at SM City hehe.

When I arrived in the school's parking lot, I parked it where the motorbikes are and chained it at a thin rope. I know. I was going to tie it beside the tree, but there were big red ants crawling on the tree.

I forgot to bring the payment slip (the Php 1,500 payment), so I went back to the lodge. Fortunately, I have a bike. I thought it was going to be convenient, but it was like leg day at the gym. I still don't know how the gear works but it's better than walking back and forth.