I Actually Made It

I asked Jernie if she now knew her grades because today is the day that it’s going to be released. She gave me really brief replies.



John Doe
Username: JDOE
Password: 123

I was perplexed when I read her message. She usually replies fast and long and full of anxiety. Nevertheless, I followed through the instruction as if it were comprehensible. I opened the student portal which I didn’t think MHAM had before. I really had mixed feelings about peering into my fate. My heart pounded as if it mattered. I was already dead serious about giving this all up because I already focused on the possibilities that could’ve been a better alternative to medicine. I also just finished reading a novel that I bought just before I left Cebu to keep myself distracted.

Holy cow. I didn’t think it’s possible. I literally wasn’t sure of the reaction I should bring out, but I know it will be grand. I, who spent my last remaining days of finals going around Cebu like a lost kid instead of studying,…

What Was The Hardest?

Time management was the hardest thong to do.

Hope you weren’t disappointed by that answer lol, but it’s true. I know you were expecting me to list down subjects for first year that is difficult. So here’s my take.

In my school, Neuroanatomy is a semester all subject, which only lasts a sem while other subjects last one year. I was really disoriented with the brain. Sure, the basic parts like the spinal cord and the big lobes were easy. It doesn’t stop there though, because memorising tracts where the facial nerves cross are mind boggling. They could be easy if you have memorised sufficiently without wasting time. The names are really foreign at first when you memorise parts of the brain stem and the nerves that come out of it. Differentiating the levels of the brain stem, knowing areas of the brain in minute details, wrapping your head around which cells exist in a part of the brain, all is really taxing when it’s a semester all project. Tell you what. Moving exams are probably the ea…

Watch Out For Them

I have wanted to convey this in a way that it doesn’t sound bias which I think I’ve done in some previous posts.

To be back home as the school year ended is definitely something a medical student would be so ha[py about. I’m now anxious about how to make good use of my time while it’s still mine. Then, I encounter the same reason why I left and journeyed to medical school. There really isn’t an escape to this for me. I realised that there is kind of a relation between med students and the likely background they come from.

Med students are I could now say ambitious. There is always that part in us that tries to be competitive. None of what bias you might think I’m saying excludes me from it. Being ambitious, to our parents, is something they would be proud about. To the rest, it isn’t seen that way, because they, too, are ambitious. Ambition, renders sometimes as motivation, and it’s hard to differentiate both.

Being one of those people, some classmates really like to disprove others, …

Reading In Depth

Part of learning while in med school is reading a ton of information that mostly won't be used in higher years. Nevertheless, it'd still come out in the licensure exam.

There is a ton of references which you can use to peruse in one subject. More often than not, the fundamentals are repetitive. As the lessons progress, you'll see how things are interrelated. At the end of it all, you'd be in a place to think it was all that doable anyway. (First Year Perspective)

Of course, it is. Those things wouldn't be in the curriculum if it wasn't doable. Well, considering the fact that MHAM isn't all that stressful, that's how doable things you'll see from a wider perspective. You could also get the few important points and study those instead. You'll pass, but you'll forget it later on. You know why? There's a lack of assimilation of concepts and constructs that provide fundamental and progressive detail.

Stock knowledge is something that you coul…


Before proceeding to med school, make sure that your aim is true. I've met plenty of personalities along the way and if you're not careful, it can change how you see your dreams unless you have a strong conviction. I'm telling this because I realized how half-hearted I actually am about my decision from the beginning. I might be the average person who, like so many med students, complain, threatens to give up, but probably will still make it. I've heard a lot of stories like this. I have been telling my peers that I'm giving up, but I don't actually have the guts to stop what I'm doing because this shit is expensive and what the hell am I going to be next? In comparison to my classmate, who's willing to transfer and go back to first year, she wasn't hyped about med school. She didn't tell her friends about it. I also didn't tell that many people, but only to the people who asked about what I'm currently doing with my life. Plus, I set u…

Back At It Again

December last year was the most relaxing time of the year. I've done close to nothing but watch Scotty Sire's vlogs and his gang. I felt unproductive, yet also relieved that I didn't have to put a lot of work anymore for the meantime. I wanted it to stay that way, but no. Here we go again, I'm back in Cebu to pursue the dream, literally, but not the dream I want exactly.

Things have changed over the course of time. I don't really know what to expect in the future anymore. It has been an exhausting ride last 2017. It made me think a lot of the things that I'd have to deal with. The people, the surroundings, the repetitiveness, and depression.

I also took the time to reflect on why last year made me think that way about medicine at all. I was so positive before I took on med school. It happens to be just two words, crab mentality. I have been surrounding myself with people of the same kind of deficit, but I'm not trying to say I'm pure. I have been, in th…

Entering Crypto World

You might ask. How do I still have time for this? Well, I don't hahaha. I was very distracted watching all of these things in Youtube. I forgot all the things I'm supposed to do in med school, but I still believe I'm on tract. 
It started out with my interest in Ethereum blockchain. It isn't a really volatile coin, but it has appreciated since the time I knew about it, which was when I was still in Baguio. I still had no clear understanding about it then though. Now, I guess I've gathered enough to make decisions, but not deep enough to know how to program smart contracts to assimilate with the blockchain. I recently followed Ivan on Tech, a Youtuber, who is also a programmer and loves explaining about coins and crypto trends. However, he hasn't covered about the coin that I just bought. 
He explained things on his videos, and then I started to grasp little by little. He did a take about OMG or Omisego, and I was hooked. Problem is, I don't have Bitcoin. A…