What is Biochemistry Like?

This is the book that I just finished reading in advance. It's only 160 pages, yet it took me a month to finish due to laziness.

The biochem book, from Rosalie, that we're going to use in school is 1197 pages. I can't imagine finishing that book but I've seen how elaborate and illustrative (multi-colored) the bigger book is.

They said that biochem is the hardest, so I started with it first. I wouldn't want to be overwhelmed when classes start.

But how would I describe this book? Simply, chemical processes (mostly metabolism)...

First of all, you need to understand what Metabolism is. Honestly, I took NMAT without fully understanding what metabolism means because it's not a big part in the Biology section of the NMAT. Metabolism is basically the chemical processes that happen inside the body. Like homeostatis, a simpler way to define it. In healthy human beings, only enough products are made from the things we digest. Sugars, being stored as glycogen, converted…

Enrolling Part 2

I went to ate Rosalie again, today. There were some discrepancies on the books. Some books were not on the list. So, she added the missing books, and now I have to pay more. I paid a down payment of 7k for today. The other books are to be followed on Monday.

I signed beside the books that I now carry with me.

Ma'am K was not around today, so another lady received my Certificate of Eligibility and the receipt of my payment slip. She then gave me an enrollment form, told me I belong to section A, and gave me a few instructions; copy subjects from the bulletin board, go to the student council and then to the accounting office. I didn't gather that very well, so I had to ask again from enrollees outside the accounting office. I was confused with the messy bulletin board those students pointed me to. It wasn't as organized as I though.

I asked for direction from some students; They said, go straight, then the 2nd door to the left. A student from the student council accommodated…

Certificate of Eligibility

Today, I went back to SWU-MHAM. I submitted the remaining requirements that I lack. The lady at the dean's office arranged my documents and gave me back my green clear book. She asked me to see Ma'am K at the registrar for further instructions.

I went inside the registrar to look for her. I was a bit lost. A lady from my right pointed me to my left side. I expected Ma'am K to be an old lady who's strict or uptight, but she happens to be accommodating. She handed me a form and said, "Kini last na jud ni" and giggled. I have to fill it up and look for a lawyer to notarize it, as well as pay a Php 300 fee in UCPB for this particular admission process. I also paid another Php 300 to have it notarized.

So, this is the document other websites and schools referred to as one of the requirements in getting to a medical school. I didn't know I still needed it since it wasn't mentioned in the list of requirements of this school.

I asked the guard at the school g…

Fun Time Before School Time

I'm trying to put my head back into the game (career is life). At the moment, I feel like I couldn't.

Spent most of my time here in Cebu downloading video lectures of medical stuff. Just to prepare myself for topics that don't make sense yet. Yesterday, in the afternoon, I received a text from Dymphna (former board mate). Asking me if I want to come with to Ayala at around 5 pm. I was still watching a lecture at that time. I felt drained and took a nap. But before that, I set an alarm to wake up at 5.

I was able to meet them in Ayala Cebu. After someone paid bills in Globe, we were indecisive about where we go next. I thought they had it all planned out already. So we just walked around until we came to conclusion to dine in Harbor City.

All the time I've spent with these guys, there wasn't a dull moment. We were all laughing at our bad jokes the whole time. I was thinking that maybe we'd disturb the people around us for laughing too hard, incessantly.

There ar…

New Lodge

I didn't drink water to suppress my bowel movement. When I got to Robinsons Cybergate, I started to drink water and went to the comfort room. After that, I went to Total Health Check Diagnostics to submit my stool hehe. I was told to wait until 3 pm for the results and for the physical exam.

After having my lunch, I went back looking for a dorm/apartment around MHAM. Luckily, I found one at a cheaper price. A little farther from MHAM but closer to Cebu Doctors Hospital. Apparently, this Lodge is also where doctor residents stay at. Though, some are also med students. I took some pictures of the room first to show it to my brothers. There was only one left vacant. It was meant for someone else, but they don't allow reservations. I hurriedly tried to withdraw from my ATM, but all ATM machines of that bank are offline. So, I went back to Worldwide Lodge to plead for a reservation until tomorrow, when the ATMs will be online again. They would still prioritize the other prospect, b…

Enrolling Part 1

I arrived back here in Cebu yesterday. Prior to boarding the plane, I texted ma'am Lerma (CDU) about my admission status. When the plane landed, I turned off airplane mode and got a reply from her. Turns out, I am waitlisted again. Got no time to waste. So, forget about CDU-CM. The deadline for submission of requirements in MHAM is only up until June 15. I can't risk being unaccepted in either medical school.

I took a nap after the flight. Please understand that I'm jet-lagged hehe. I woke up 2 pm and went to MHAM. To my disappointment, they don't accept payments there and the cut-off for check clearing is only until 11 am. Next, I went to Total Health Check Diagnostics. Unfortunately, they close at 4 pm. What an unproductive day!


At 10:15, I went to UCPB Mango Avenue in a habal habal hehe. So few people there that my queue number is overdue two turns. Turns out, they don't accept personal checks, only manager's check. They told me to go to UCPB Jon…